Erin Neve is a photographic artist based in Houston, TX.  Erin received her MFA in photography from The University of Minnesota in 2012.  She received her MA in philosophy in 2006 where she focused her research on aesthetics and photographic theory.  Her work has been exhibited nationally in Minneapolis, Chicago, Austin, and San Antonio as well as internationally in Beijing, China and Turku, Finland. 



My art practice centers on the body – the body as fragile, as material, as a space of interior and exterior boundaries, as a source of abject experience, as a fundamental actor in the formation of identity, and as a site of the sublime.

My work begins from a personal place of inquiry and curiosity, yet it applies to a more abstract notion of body.  I represent bodies in metaphorical and non-literal ways while using food as primary building material and medical imagery and traditional still life painting as reference.  I am drawn to the body as a site of knowledge and experience, and to the rituals which promise to enlighten our understanding of embodiment. And, I continually find myself drawn to the state of the body as in-flux and in mid-transformation.  The body: in fragile balance, with pained wounds and pleasure and miraculous healing capacity, in danger of illness and inevitable deterioration yet filled with wonder and growth and utter complexity.